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AFA Uniting All Flight Attendants: Stronger Together, Better Together

Tentative Agreement Voting Underway

Voting Instructions are arriving at members' homes. Voting is open until August 12, 2016 at Noon Eastern Time. Get your questions answered an cast an informed vote.

TA Q&A - 7-22-16

Jul 22 - Review this Q&A for information on the FSL sub-base, the Attendance Program, Retiree Medical sunset, Sick Leave calls, and FSL Reserve pay.

News and Updates

TA Q&A - 7-19-16

July 19, 2016 - Read this TA Q&A for information on hiring expectations, building Reserve lines, vacation cancellation, and more.

TA Q&A - 7-18-16

July 18, 2016 - Read this TA Q&A for information on Profit Sharing payments, Reserve pick up, relief lines, and ensuring full rights to enforce the contract under the RLA.

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Tentative Agreement Like No Other

This Tentative Agreement is unlike any other in our careers. There will be new terms and concepts for everyone. It is imperative that we make an informed decision based on correct information. Our collective future depends on it. Attend an Information Session and/or contact your Local Council. Ask your questions and get them answered.

TA Summary

Review this comprehensive summary of the terms of our Tentative Agreement. We know there will be many questions and the summary will need to be supplemented with further explanation. We will answer your questions each day in addition to providing you with the full language of the Tentative Agreement.

JNC Information Sessions

Speak directly with our Joint Negotiating Committee at an Information Session. View the Schedule >

Webcast and Videos

View our Tentative Agreement Webcast, which answers common questions about the TA. Be sure to also watch the AFA-CWA United Airlines 2016 Tentative Agreement Video.

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This means you are willing to get breaking news on negotiations and share that news with our flying partners.

It means you are willing to take an active role in building power at the Negotiating table.


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